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Cycle Coaching

Custom Cycle Coaching is a progressive cycle coaching and lifestyle consultancy based in Birmingham, UK. We design customised online cycle coaching programmes to enable clients to achieve their goals and optimise competitive cycling around life commitments.

Headed by Dr. Tom Kirk, our coaching services and cycling camps use years of experience, both in competition and as a professional cycling coach, to bring first-class cycling coaching UK wide to cyclists of all ages and levels of competition.

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The coaching process

  • Get in touch

    We pride ourselves on timely responses and good communication. Whether you're a potential new client or you've been with us for years we get back to you FAST! We send you a detailed cycling coaching questionnaire to find out more about your needs. This is structured to help you think about your goals and requirements and ensure nothing is missed out in our initial conversations.

  • A free, detailed consultation

    Depending on your location we may meet face to face, talk on the phone or via video chat to go through the questionnaire and to make sure we haven't missed any important details. This, alongside a review of your past training and testing data if it is available, will enable us to construct your first cycling coaching plan. There is no fee for this and no obligation to sign up.

    You will also have plenty of opportunity to ask questions about the coaching process or anything you're not sure on. Again, communication is key so that we get to understand how you 'tick' and can optimise your training.

  • Receive your Custom Cycle Coaching plan

    We aim to start any new clients within a week if they require. However, if we are exceptionally busy we may need to agree a later start time. We might also recommend some performance testing in the first instance to ensure that your training is at the right level from the very start. Your bespoke cycling coaching plan will be based on the demands of your goal events, with an eye on long term development. We aim to improve on your weaknesses, especially where these are significantly limiting your development, while maintaining and improving your strengths and working within your time availability.

  • Monitoring and analysis

    Monitoring and feedback are essential aspects to a successful athlete-coach relationship. At the start of your cycling coaching journey, while we get to know you better, we will regularly initiate conversations to monitor your progress and adjust your training as needed. Thereafter, the frequency of feedback depends on the options you choose. We use TrainingPeaks WKO5 to analyse your training files, downloaded from your personal online TrainingPeaks account. Periodic testing and analysis and feedback from race performances and training sessions informs the development and progression of your coaching so you arrive in peak condition for your goal events.

  • A holistic approach

    We believe in working alongside other experts in cycling performance to give you the opportunity to access additional support. If we identify that you could benefit from bike fit, aerodynamic advice, nutrition, massage, Sports Psychology or suspected medical problems we can point you to specialists. Our partners even offer deals to coached riders to help keep both rider and bike in top shape!


At Custom Cycle Coaching we passionately believe that successful training programmes are those that adapt continuously with the athlete. Our bespoke cycle coaching plans are customised to your individual needs and performance goals, working around your schedule and lifestyle. You’ll also receive ongoing support and feedback as we continuously monitor your improvements and adapt your training as you progress.

Cycle Coaching Camps

Custom Cycle Coaching has developed a trusted reputation hosting cycling camps at one of Europe's top cycling destinations frequented by some of the world's top riders. Our attention to detail and small camp sizes mean we can adapt the trip to your needs so that you get the very best pre-season training experience at great value prices.